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Sino Tayo

TAYO in Filipino means both a “us” or “we”, or to stand up for something, our company embodies both. We stand together to create purposeful change.

Standing together for what we stand on.

A change agency that advocates sustainability through strategies & creativity.

We are a change agency that aims to promote local industries and people, with the endeavor of creating sustainable change in our country.

We are a group of individuals who all have a common goal of wanting to make a difference.

We do this through creative strategies, design, collaboration, events, advocacy-driven campaigns, our organizations, and creating products with a purpose.

What we stand for

Kids For Kids

Kids for Kids logo

Kids for Kids is an organization run solely by the youth who all have a common goal of wanting to make a difference.

We plan workshops, outreaches, immersions, events & fundraisers to empower the youth to become the next generation of game changers for the kids of tomorrow

Bye Bye Plastic Bags

Bye Bye Plastic Bags logo

Bye Bye Plastic Bags is a global youth organization and movement to say no to plastic bags and most known for leading the successful ban on plastics in Bali, Indonesia.

The Philippine chapter was established in 2016 as the sister organization of Kids for Kids, and aims to educate and take action on environmental conservation


Kamalayan logo

Kamalayan is an annual art festival for awareness in order to bring to light certain issues our local environment faces today.

It was established in 2016 by Kids for Kids and is now an independently organized culminating event to provide a platform for our locals to be able to promote Filipino art, culture, talent, resources, brands & more


Retaso logo

Retaso is an initiative to lessen textile waste, which only 1% of in the world is recycled. With fast fashion coming in second to oil as the largest contributor to pollution, we endeavour to promote a sustainable lifestyle through upcycling excess local fabric & textiles into versatile products.

We achieve this by partnering with various local brands & designers to collect their excess textile, as well as helping support a community of seamstresses for a means of livelihood.


Habilin logo

Habilin meaning to give someone something for safekeeping is a movement to empower the youth to be our World’s Keepers.

Habilin aims to pass down lessons, knowledge, and stories to the next generations through a series of talks, workshops & dream building. Founded by Kids for Kids, it is now an annual independent event

The Good Stuff:
Fields to Fiesta

Tayo-Tayo aims to bring together people to stand for sustainability & creative change. Our stories & advocacies are manifested in our work, the pieces we create, and the friends we are inspired by. With our endeavour to manifest our spirit of bayanihan, we aim to create a collaborative & authentically inspired products you can wear, use, & pass down — taking a piece of our culture everywhere you go

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